Foundational English Program

The Foundational English Program is designed to provide learners with a sound basis in general and academic English through courses dedicated to reading, speaking, and writing skills. This program will benefit learners looking to enhance their language proficiency, supplement preparation for general English language tests, or familiarize themselves with academic English.

The below courses have to be completed in order to get the complete the program

  • Reading and Writing I 
  • Reading and Writing II
  • Speaking and Listening

+ Reading and Writing I

This course will introduce participants to the basics of English reading and writing. They will learn techniques to scan and skim texts, extract main ideas, and annotate and summarize passages. They will also be familiarized with the preliminary grammar and mechanics of writing and will learn to develop sentences and paragraphs. Participants will learn, practice and use language rules and simple communication skills through hands on activities.

Assessment will be in the form of quizzes, in session tasks, and oral presentations. Bearing in mind the online learning context, the course is geared towards making the learning of the individuals as interactive as possible by actively engaging them in their learning process and by providing individual and group feedback.

Learning Outcomes:

At the successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  • Apply different reading techniques
  • Communicate in written and oral English with peers and teachers
  • Rely less on their first languages and increase their use of English in formal and informal situations
  • Identify and apply correct English grammar in multiple contexts
+ Reading and Writing II

Building on the basics of reading and writing covered in the preceding course, this course will focus on critical reading, comprehension, and composition skills. Students will learn to read to analyze and locate arguments, counterarguments, and evidence in texts. Alongside an overview of the various writing formats and their functions, they will further learn to outline, organize, and develop essays.

+ Speaking and Listening

This course will equip learners with basic listening comprehension and communication skills. They will acquire strategies to identify, understand, and evaluate information conveyed to them in general and academic settings. Concurrently, students will learn elementary speaking skills, including sharing ideas, clarifying information, and asking questions in English and effectively using non-verbal cues.

No Instructor Assigned.

Course Fee: PKR 15,000/-

Note: CES may cancel or postpone a course due to insufficient enrolment or unforeseen circumstances. In this case, the university will refund registration/processing fee (if any) but will not be responsible for any other related charges/expenses including cancellation/change charges by airline and travel agencies.

Please go through Policies & Code of Conduct

Participants must register online through CES website by clicking on their desired course and filling out a one-page form. Before starting the registration process, please ensure that you have a formal scanned picture (for CES smart card) and CNIC details. Incorrect information provided during the registration process will lead towards cancellation of your enrolment at any stage and participants will not be entitled to claim a refund.

Once you have completed your online registration for your desired course, you may proceed to payment section. You have the option to pay online using your bank debit/credit cards through LUMS online payment system?? by downloading the fee vouchers and depositing cash in any branch of designated banks specified on the fee voucher. Once you make your payment, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 to 48 working hours and your payment status will be updated to "PAID" in the online application portal.

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