Fundamentals of Python in Business

This course will equip you with concepts and tools that can bring you to speed and you can utilize the skills acquired in this course to work on any business analysis project in a standardized approach. This course will teach you analyzing data using Python. From reading data, to getting useful insights from data through visualizations and predictive modeling, this course will help you in the sharping your analytical skillset in Python.

This course will take you from Basics of Python to exploring different types of data. You will learn preparing data for analysis, performing simple statistical analysis, creating meaningful data visualization, predicting future trends from the data and much more!

Learning Outcomes:

This course is designed to make the participant learn basics of Python in Business.

The purpose of this course to make the participant confident using Python for Data Analysis. First week will cover the Python Basics and different types of analysis that can be performed using Python. In the second week, participant will learn about Pandas (most important Python library), reading and interpretation of data using Pandas. We will talk about Numpy library and its different function. Most of the time will be spent on learning Data Wrangling, to make the participant confident in exploring and preparing data for analysis in Python.

Participant will get good hands on Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), Regression Analysis and Visualization in Python. These days, forecasting is being used in almost all of the businesses. Through this course, participant will learn from basic forecasting models (univariate forecasting) to complex forecasting models (multivariate forecasting). And then, checking the accuracy of different models using multiple performance measures.

By the end of this course, participant would be able to perform basic analysis using Python.

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Course Fee: PKR 30,000/-

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