The Dynamics of Impactful Public Speaking Level 1 (currently offered)

Feb 16, 2021 - Mar 18, 2021
Application Deadline:
Feb 11, 2021
5 Weeks
Tuesday - 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Thursday - 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
  • Duration: February 16, 2021 to March 18, 2021 (5 Weeks)
  • Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays (6:30 PM to 8:30 PM)
  • Course Fee: PKR 25,000

"The human brain is a wonderful organ. It starts to work as soon as you are born & doesn't stop until you get up to deliver a speech." - George Jessel

Your success in today's world depends largely on your ability to communicate in a dynamic and memorable manner. In this context, the art of public speaking is one of the most important skills to master - yet it is one that most of us need to work on.

This highly participative and activity-based course provides you with opportunities to develop impactful public speaking & presentation skills. Through hands-on tasks, mini case-studies and practical demonstrations of effective and ineffective practices, the course material is designed to help you develop a persona that exudes confidence and sets you apart from the crowd.

What sets this course apart from other communication courses is that after 10 sessions you will be ready to stand up anywhere and anytime and effectively & impactfully deliver a well-organized, coherent and dynamic speech while exuding confidence and charisma.

Throughout the course our focus will be on transforming you into a dynamic speaker that commands attention from the audience. You will learn traditional and as well as contemporary styles of presentations and will be trained to deliver an effective speech in a creative and engaging manner.

To this effect we will analyze popular TED talks, speeches by renowned speakers and numerous other types of professional presentations. In this manner you will learn how to conduct an audience analysis, organize your ideas, select appropriate words and use your speaking voice to emphasize and enunciate what you say.

What will you get?

Strategies and Tips to:

  • overcome nervousness
  • develop confidence in your abilities and self
  • develop charisma & an impactful persona
  • use non-verbal cues appropriate to specific contexts to establish your credibility as a speaker
  • develop dynamic, expansive and open body language
  • improve your posture, gestures, facial expressions and eye contact
  • use the best and most effective rhetorical strategies used by professional speakers
  • refine your para-verbal cues (volume & rate of speech, word stress, rhythm & intonation)
  • use emphatic pausing and tonal variations
  • use voice projection exercises to improve your vocal strength and quality
  • use your voice to project confidence, command attention and connect with your audience
  • create & use unique hooks to grab your audience's attention at the beginning of your talk
  • engage your audience throughout your speech & minimize audience distraction
  • use effective sign-posting and transitions
  • end your speech with a bang
  • project energy, enthusiasm and eagerness
  • plan and deliver an effective speech within minutes (impromptu)
  • design and use visual aids that compliment & supplement your presentation / speech

Aamna Khalid
PhD, Education, Management & Leadership, University of Northern Washington
Assistant Professor, Department Of Humanities & Social Sciences, LUMS

Course Fee: PKR 25,000/-

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