Astronomy (offered on-campus)

Jun 08, 2022 - Jul 20, 2022
Application Deadline:
Jun 04, 2022
6 Weeks
Monday - 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Wednesday - 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Delivery Method:

Please note: It is mandatory to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 to attend on-campus classes. Participants will be required to upload their vaccination certificate at the time of registration.


Come and enjoy a stunning visual and audio tour of the universe that covers all the basics of astronomy and get hands-on experience with handling and operating a telescope!

The course will take you through the following:

  • Audio/Visual history of astronomy
  • Get familiar with night sky basics. In this module, you will learn about constellations, finding Polaris, rare sky phenomenon, celestial coordinate systems, and apparent angular sizes
  • Next, we will delve into the Solar system and planets, where you will get a brief visual tour of each planet, learn about Pluto and its reclassification as a dwarf planet, and the potential of life on the moons of other planets
  • Building upon this, we will learn about our Sun, stars, and other Suns in terms of splitting open the Sun to reveal its layers, Sun's true colour, how you can observe the Sun safely, and the ultimate fate of the Sun. When we begin discussing other Stars and Suns in the galaxy, we will notice the types of amazing stars out there, neutron stars and stellar explosions, and why there are no green stars out there.
  • After this, we will move on to Black Holes and Galaxies, where we will address questions like what a black hole is, what happens if one falls into a black hole, and more pertinent concerns about galaxies formation and dark matter
  • Towards the end of the course, we will learn about cosmology, the Big Bang theory, what was before the Big Bang, whether we are alone in the Universe, and address deep questions about our existence in the cosmic perspective
  • Finally, we will tie astronomy into the Pakistani context, where we will connect with local astronomy clubs, and learn more about astrophotography from Lahore and other cities!

You will also be able to see the Moon (LIVE!) through a telescope as part of this course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop and grow your cosmic perspective.
  • Learn the basics of telescopes and how to use them.
  • Help you take first steps in your journey to explore astronomy as a subject and hobby
  • Link astronomy with other disciplines for an interdisciplinary learning experience.

Roshaan Bukhari
Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery at University College of Medicine and Dentistry
Associate, STEM Program at Pak Alliance for Mathematics and Science
Host and Producer, Kainaat Kids
Science Communicator, SBASSE, LUMS

Course Fee: PKR 12,000/-

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