Powerful Public Speaking and Presentation Skills for Professionals

This highly participative and activity-based course provides you with opportunities to refine public speaking & presentation skills. Through hands-on in-session tasks, role-plays and simulations of real-word settings, mini case-study analyses and practical demonstrations of effective and ineffective practices, the course material is designed to help you develop a professional persona that exudes confidence, displays leadership potential and sets you apart from the crowd.

Learning Outcome:

Strategies and Tips to:

      • Overcome nervousness
      • Develop confidence in your abilities and self
      • Use non-verbal cues appropriate to specific contexts to establish your credibility as a speaker
      • Develop dynamic, expansive and open body language
      • Improve your posture, gestures, facial expressions, movement and eye contact
      • Use the best and most effective rhetorical strategies used by powerful professional speakers
      • Refine your para-verbal cues (volume & rate of speech, word stress, rhythm & intonation)
      • Use emphatic pausing and tonal variations
      • Use voice projection exercises
      • Use your voice to project confidence, command attention and connect with your audience
      • Create & use unique hooks to grab your audience
      • Attention at the beginning of your talk
      • Engage your audience throughout your speech
      • Use effective sign-posting and transitions
      • End your speech with a bang
      • Project energy, enthusiasm and eagerness
      • Design and use visual aids that compliment & supplement your presentation / speech
      • Learn how to avoid death by power-point

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      Course Fee: 40,000

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