Essential Interviewing Skills

In the modern workplace, effective communication is increasingly recognized as a soft skill crucial to an organization's growth and success. According to LinkedIn's Global Talent Trends Report of 2019, 92% of talent professionals consider soft skills to be equally or more important than hard skills in the hiring process. In fact, 89% of unsuccessful hires are attributed to a lack of critical soft skills. Despite its demand, students and aspiring employees are seldom trained in skills that can boost their professional development and facilitate the hiring organization's growth.

The Centre for Continuing Education Studies' Certificate in Professional Communication seeks to bridge this deficit by preparing individuals for a dynamic and rapidly evolving job market.

Individuals opting for this certification will be trained in verbal, written, and interpersonal workplace communication skills. Courses in this certification will particularly allow students to practice and improve their writing skills, deliver impactful, audience-oriented presentations, and foster and hone leadership qualities.

Who will benefit from this certification?

  • Individuals searching for employment opportunities or preparing themselves for the job market.
  • Employees looking to improve their career prospects.

The following courses (refer to Course Details tab) have to be completed in order to receive the Certificate in Business Communications:

  • Crafting a Professional Portfolio
  • Essential Interviewing Skills
  • Introduction to Business Writing
  • Presentation Skills
  • Capstone Course

+ Crafting a Professional Portfolio

Crafting a Professional Portfolio

Duration: 4 weeks

Schedule: 3 classes per week

Week 1: Self-Assessment and Goal Setting

During these classes, student will be introduced to concepts of employability and professional goal setting through skills, resources, and frameworks relevant to self and industry assessment.

Week 2: Resumes

During our classes this week, students will be guided through the step-by-step process of crafting a resume. Detailed attention and feedback will be given on all components of the document including the format, writing style, and content. The week will conclude with a guest lecture and peer-reviewed activity.

Week 3: Cover Letters

Students will learn to decipher job postings and identify skills required by hiring organizations. They will be introduced to the format and structure of cover letters and will practice writing the various components of the document.

Week 4: LinkedIn

Classes this week will be dedicated to understanding the purpose of professional social media networks and learning the various techniques to build a network crucial to an individual's professional goals. Students will develop and brand their LinkedIn profiles for potential recruiters through perfecting the various (experience, summary, and skills) sections on their profiles.

+ Essential Interviewing Skills

This course will prepare learners for professional interviews. Through a focus on preparation strategies, verbal and non-verbal skills, and practice exercises, students will be trained to conduct themselves professionally and communicate effectively during an interview process.

+ Introduction to Business Writing

Learners in this course will be trained to write and create a variety of professional documents. Components of this course will include identifying and writing professional emails in appropriate formats, creating memos and reports, and writing effective business letters.

+ Presentation Skills

This course will equip learners with tools necessary for creating and delivering engaging presentations with succinct content; using visual aids and data effectually; and conducting potent Q&A sessions.

Course Fee: PKR 0/-

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